Dress up games at West Midland escorts

I don’t have an issue with dressing when I am at http://www.westmidlandescorts.com, but recently I have started to wonder if the gentlemen I date at our escort agency in London have started to expect a little bit too much of me. The other day, a gent asked me if I would not mind dressing up as a French Lady. As a matter of fact he was rather specific about who he wanted me to be. It seemed that he had a particular in the Napoleonic era, and he wanted me to look like Lady Josephine.


Is that an unusual request? It may surprise you to know that it is not such a weird request at all. I am not the only model at West Midland escorts who have been asked to dress up in period costume. One of the girls that I work with likes to date this guy who is really into historic character. Whenever he has a girl around from West Midland escorts, he likes to get out a costume and dress up. It sounds to me that he has rather an interesting collection in his home.


What about other dress up games? As you may know, Hentai porn is rather a big deal at the moment. Some of the characters in Hentai are rather interesting and to anticipate what kind of costumes you would need to have in your wardrobe to really enjoy Hentai session would be rather difficult. There are a couple of girls who work for our West Midland escorts agency who really like to play around with different Hentai character, but they are really into Hentai porn.


Is run of the mill dress up games with West Midland escorts still popular? Run of the mill dress up games with West Midland escorts are still popular. Some gentlemen can’t get enough of the nurse or the police woman. I am sure that traditional dress up games will continue to remain popular. When  I first started dating, I thought it would be the kind of thing men would go off, but they have not gone off traditional dress up games.


What does the future hold for girls who like to play dress up games at West Midland escorts? I think that we will see more and more traditional dress up games. It does not seem to be the kind of thing gentlemen are getting tired of when it comes to having fun with us girls. As long you have gents who have slightly crazy imaginations, I am pretty sure that you will see girls dressing up. I keep wondering what kind of treat I am on for next. I would love to play some sexy lady tonight, but I am not sure that I would like to Lady Josephine again. From what I understand, Napoleon did not like it when his lady took a bath. That is not for me at all, and I must admit that I like nothing better than to come home and take a bath after a long night. I am wondering how Josephine herself felt about not having a bath on a regular basis.

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