Fun Night Off

Do I go out and party with my friends from London escorts? Yes, you bet that I do. Most of the girls here at London escorts like to have a really good time and we often go out together. Okay, if it is cold and in the middle of winter, we may just meet up to have a girls’ night in. But, a night off from London escorts is all about charging your batteries up and having some fun.

Personally I love to dance. A couple of the girls that I work with at London escorts used to do a lot of cage or stage dancing in London clubs. The great thing is that they know all of the best clubs in London , and we end up going to some of the best clubs. If the management of the clubs has not changed at all, we are often let in free of charge and offered free champagne. It works out for the clubs as well, they end up with some very attractive girls on the dance floor. There is not need to say that we are London escorts, but sometimes we do. It can be fun to put the cat amongst the pigeons as it were.

In general, we take turns in planning our nights off from London escorts. Some of the better stores in London have late night opening on occasion. We work really long hours at London escorts, so sometimes it is hard to get out to shop. If our night off falls on a special shopping night, you will often find us cruising the stores. It gives us a chance to pick up some really nice bargains and we have supper together. London is truly a great place to shop in especially if you are a shoe addict like me.

Sometimes it is just nice to meet up for a night in as well. The thing is that it does not have to be in one of the girls places. When you get to know London a little bit better, you will find that there are some spas in London which stay up a bit later. All of the girls here at London escorts really like to look after themselves, and we do make a block booking for a spa on occasion. One of the girls that I have worked for a long time at London escorts, call our spa nights our White Bath Robe nights. I love them, and they are a great way to enjoy some down together. We chill out a bit, but at the same time we have lots of fun.

Yes, to be successful with London escorts, you do have to work hard. At the same time, you need to recognize that it is good for you to have time off as well. When I have had a night off from being the sexiest London escort on earth, I feel ten times better. I come back with my batteries fully charged and ready to go for it. Sometimes I end up feeling a bit sorry for my date. Yes, I do take all of that energy out on them and they may have to be ready to enjoy some extra thrills. Mind you, so far, none of the gents have complained…

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