How to Treat A Girl

Are you going out with a girl for the first time? Ever since I have been dating, I have always appreciated a man turning up with a small gift for a first date. This rule does not necessarily apply to my work for London escorts, however when I go out on private dates, I really do appreciate a small gift. Mind you, the men I meet at charlotte London escorts really like to spoil me as well. I often find that once I have got to know them a little bit, they like to turn up with a small gift.

So, what should you buy a girl if you are thinking about taking her out on a date? It goes without saying that if it is around Valentine’s Day, you should buy your girl a red rose. But, what if it is not a Valentine’s date? The men I date at London escorts are pretty creative when it comes to buying me flowers. Some of my charlotte London escorts regulars must spend a small fortune on nice flowers for me. One of the most popular flowers is a single stemmed orchic. You simply can’t go wrong with single stemmed orchids. They look stunning all of the time and do last longer.

Should you buy a girl chocolate? Well, there is no reason why you should not buy a girl chocolate. Since I have been working for charlotte London escorts, I will admit to having received my fair share of chocolates. But, is it something that you should buy on a first date. My London escorts regulars who give me chocolates know me pretty well. They know what kind of chocolate that I like and I think that matters. If you do want to buy a girl chocolate on the first date, it is a good idea to buy her nice chocolates, never just a box of Cadbury’s Roses.

What about nice smellies? Well, this is a rather personal gift. Sure, my London escorts dates do buy me smellies such as perfume and body lotion. I think that this is too much of a personal gift to buy on a first date. Of course, if you do know that your date has a favorite scent that she likes, you can buy her something from that range. Make sure that it is a perfume and not a body lotion. A body lotion is simply too intimate and may come across as a little bit creepy. In general, I do think that a bottle of perfume is better, but you have to make sure it is her favorite brand.

A bottle of champagne is another good idea. Most girls like champagne. My favorite is a pink champagne from Lanson. Yes, I know it is expensive, but if you are feeling flushed, there is no reason why you should not buy your girl a nice champagne on the first date. Should you buy a cheap champagne? There are some cheap champagnes that taste absolutely great. I have received a couple of bottles of champagne on my London escorts dates that I thought taste just great. Believe it or not, a few of them even came from Aldi. But, if you want to impress a girl, it is always best to buy her a good champagne from a well-known brand.

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