I can’t stop being an Escort

We all know, that Escort, for example https://charlotteaction.org/bromley-escorts Bromley Escorts, is a very controversial type of employment. And very often, girls don’t like working in these services, but they have no other choice due to different circumstances. Together, we would like to talk about some myth of this profession, and explore it a little bit deeper.

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Myth 1. The desire to work for Bromley Escorts comes from the genetic level.

This means that some of the girls are sincerely convinced that by choosing this profession, they perform a special mission – they serve a man. This is not true. The main reason for choosing this profession among girls is their greed and laziness, desire for easy money. The vast majority of Escorts ladies hates all men in general, and considers them to be bastards. However, I will not deny that there is a certain percentage of girls who begin to deal with this “love of art” because they want to, but I don’t know anyone who would continue to think the same way after a year. And when I say “love of art” – I do not mean sex. I mean a particular lifestyle.


Girls at Bromley Escorts start doing this for different reasons, but none of them wanted to “serve a man”. Although, I knew an old Escort lady who said she loved the job. But in any scenario, after a while you start to consider all men as bastards. It happens naturally, you can’t do anything about that. I often hate my customers. There are a small percentage of men, whom I sometimes even a little pleased to see. But this percentage is really very small. For the rest – at best, I have an indifferent attitude. And I hate most of them.


Myth 2. Girls enter this sphere because of the need.

Lie. Ladies come to Bromley Escorts either because they are forced by someone, or because of themselves, in a pursuit for “easy” money. And this is partly true. Partly – because people are different. What for someone is a desperate need might be not a need for another person. Actually – let’s say … I do not know the girls who began to work because they had nothing to eat. There is always a choice of how you can get money. Perhaps, some of them were forced to, but I haven’t met this type. And probably, it is already related to crime scenes of some kind. There’s only a matter of choice. If you are desperate, you can always use the opportunity to sell vegetables, wash floors or something like this … Basically, of course, they go themselves.


Myth 3. When you solve your problems and get money, it is easy to leave.

And this is a lie as well, especially from the experience of Bromley Escorts girls. That easy money firmly hold the girls in the profession, as well as drugs and their employers. In fact, it is not so easy to escape this profession. But I would not call our money “easy money”. They are difficult – not so much physically as mentally. The moral side is very difficult. But leave … You know, it is not even about the money. You get addicted not only to the money, but to the way of life. You just get used to living as you live, and then it is very difficult to change. For instance, I can not imagine how I would live the life of an ordinary person today – to get up every day at six or seven in the morning, drive a half hour to the office, and sit there for up to 8 hours, with a lunch and smoke breaks. I have to be honest – even if I wanted to live a normal, well, ordinary life – I would not know where to start. And once I was able to. Now I cannot imagine how is it like – to look for a job. And I can’t stop working at Bromley Escorts.

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