It is never okay to break up with somebody but sometimes we just have to kiss goodbye.

Finding the right partner in life is not that easy. I have always struggled to hook up with nice guys, and there has been times when I have not been successful at all. To be honest, I think it is the same for most people, and that it is not only us pretty girls at London escorts who are affected by this. Of course, it would be great to meet Mr Right, but you cannot have it all in life.

I try to handle break ups as gently as I can. Most guys take things really badly when things don’t work out. In general, women assume that men handle break ups okay, but that is not true at all. Most men really don’t handle break ups very well. They forget to talk to their mates about it, and often carry a hatchet for their ex girlfriend. Learning how to let go is something that must men find very difficult. I have learned that from dating at London escorts.

The thing is that men don’t talk about feelings that much. So, if you break up with a guy, it is better to tell them that you feel that there are practical reasons why the relationship does not work any more. If you approach a break up in this sort of way, most men get less hurt and don’t seem to take offence. This is how I handle a break. No, I am not hard on my ex boyfriends, I try to be as gentle as possible.

Some guys that I have met have seemed to be really emotionally vulnerable. When the relationship has not worked out, I have always blamed myself instead of saying anything to them. I have said things like that I am too busy at London escorts to be involved with you right now, or I just say that I want to focus on my career with London escorts. Both case scenarios seem to have worked for me, and it has taken the emphasis away from the guy. The end result have been the same, I have been able to break up with the guy.

Do I feel guilty when I finish a relationship? Yes, I feel guilty all of the time when I finish a relationship. Of course, it would be great if you could stay friends but I doubt that seldom happens. It is better to make a clean break and you both get on with your lives. I think it is easy for me to get over breakups. Most of the time I am very busy at London escorts, so I just work a bit harder. One day I am sure that I am going to find the right guy, but I may have to kiss a lot of frogs before I get there. We have all been there, and I think it is important not to rush into a relationship.

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