Most of the girls who run a domination service for an escorts in West Midland agency will find that they have a lot of wealthy dates.


It seems that a lot of rich people really appreciate the art of domination. When you visit a wealthy gent in his home, you may even find that he has a lot of pornographic domination art on his walls. Now I just take it in my stride but when I first started to work for Cheap West Midland escorts, I was surprised to discover all of the erotic art in wealthy homes.

Speaking to the gents that I date at West Midland escorts, it is clear that some of them even almost have a family tradition of dominance. One of the gents that I have been dating since I joined this West Midland escorts service, says that his father visited a dominatrix. He does not have a problem with it all at all, and he is happy to talk about his father’s domination habits. His mum was okay about it, and used to refer to them as his little adventures. Still until this day, it does not bother him.

As a matter of fact, this gent his married and his wife is okay with him enjoy the company of dominatrix girls from escorts in West Midland. I am not sure how long he has been involved with West Midland escorts, but I think it started from rather early on in their marriage. How I would feel about that I am not so sure. I have met his wife and she seems to be a very nice lady, and they seem to have a really good and happy marriage. Perhaps acceptance is the key to a happy marriage.

Speaking to the wealthy gents I meet through escorts in West Midland, it soon becomes clear that they all had nannies when they were little boys. Does that I have anything to do with it? I think that it might do. Many of the gents actually speak very fondly of their nannies but I have a feeling a lot of them were strict with my boys. It could be that this is why so many wealthy gents seek out a domination service from escorts in West Midland. That is fine with me, and I am sure that I fulfil a need.

Were my dates closer to their nannies than their mums? That is also part of the reason. Most of them talk about their childhood a lot but seldom mention a mum. Most of the time they talk about their nannies. It is clear that their nannies told them to do this and that. I have personally never met a nanny, but I would like to. Perhaps she would have some of the same traits as I do. I am not saying she is going to wear PVC and thigh high boots, but I have a sneaky suspicion that there is something to this theory of the upper class nanny. Mary Poppins may have been all sweetness and light, but maybe most English nannies are not like that at all.

No giggling but I think this is true. I know a couple of guys who still worship their nannies – they all love stuff like erotic dominance art! The English nanny was certainly the boss of many households before boarding school.

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