Real love with an Ascot Escort



One of the most beautiful things in life is to fall in love with someone and love you back. Someone who knows how to make you smile and give your life a fantastic journey. Love gives us an extreme feeling to make our day beautiful and lovely. Love makes us giggles sometimes and then catches ourselves imagining our future with the love of our life, and funny called crazy by other people. Love makes our life healthy, when we often laugh and smile, it reflects on our body, we have a good sleep and look forward to tomorrow. When we are in love we maintain a healthy lifestyle to assure our health and to have a good shape, we became start to be curious in our body and how we dress. We barely take good care of ourselves and look attractive. We want our partner to look as good and appreciate us. Love is a condition of happiness, a pure and everlasting. We feel like we are in heaven, just floating and imagining. Love can make a person change, when we found our great love, we became curious in our actions we do not want them to be discouraged, so we try our best to have a good personality, and prove them that we are worth for their love. Love inspires us in making our lives better; we notice that when we are in love, we seem to be confident and ready to face the world. We are more motivated to achieve our goals in life. Love is a feeling that gives us hope when we are about to give up. Love is life; it fulfills our needs and missing’s in life.


All my life, I have been searching for my one great love,  I am turning 35, and it seems I am getting old. My parents usually force me to give them grandkids, but I want to marry someone that can be good for my soul. I am a fan of love story movies, and it made me believe in real love. According to my mom, a woman for me will help me build my career; she would understand my flaws and mistakes in life and still love me. I have been in many relationships but still end it up, and maybe I am a reserve for someone better. I have decided to go for a vacation, booked an Ascot escort from to have dinner with me. And that night changed my life, I have known that this girl could be my future. She is beautiful and sweet, and I fall in love with her. We keep the communication open and hang outs. Eventually, have a relationship and prove that real love exists.

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