Stripping for a living

I have been working for Kingston escorts from for three years now, and I feel that I need a career change. Most of the girls do not stay with the agency for that long and I think that I have done well. To be honest, I think that most girls leave after 18 months. The truth is that I am not sure that all girls enjoy escorting. I could be the exception and I have to say that I really did enjoy escorting. But, now I think it is time to try something different and new.


Lovely London Escorts
Lovely London Escorts

When I was younger I dreamed about becoming a dancer. Of course, that was just a little girl’s dreams. A I grew up, I did a lot of dancing and that changed my lifestyle a bit. I was actually really good at dancing and I did get a kick out of it. Before I joined Kingston escorts, I did work in an exotic bar in Soho and I did some dancing. It got me thinking that I could actually become an exotic dancer full time.


Now, I feel that the time has come. During the last couple of months, I have been taking classes in exotic dancing and stripping in London. It was kind of exciting. A week ago, I had my first audition and the guy who owned the club really liked me. We agreed that I could come in and dance two nights a week. So far so good and all of the gents who use the club really like me. The owner of the club has now asked if I would leave Kingston escorts and join the club full time. It is big step but I think that I am ready for it.


To be honest, I am pretty well organized. The club is located in central London. That is not a problem for me but I want to be close buy. I have found this really cheap place to rent in China Town, and I am going to rent out my flat here in Kingston. That is all bought and paid for thanks to Kingston escorts so I will have a good income while I establish myself as a dancer. The hardest thing will be to hand in my notice and I know that I will miss the girls. But they can always come to see me as I am not going to be a million miles away.


I feel really good about my move and I know that I have done a good job at Kingston escorts. Once I have danced for a few years, I am sure that I will have a different goal on my radar. That is the sort of person that I am. I would love to be a dancer in a West End show, but I am not sure that I am on the right career path. My lifestyle suits me and I must admit that I am very independent. I have promised some of my favorite gents that I will stay in touch with them, and I know that they will come to see me dance. It one thing leaving the agency, but I hate to leave my gents behind. Many of them have become really good friends and I would like for us to stay in touch.

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