The emotions I go through after a breakup and bring myself back as a St Albans escort



One of the painful parts of being in a relationship is a break-up. We know it sucks and hassles. We do not know when it ends since there is no constant in this world. We are afraid to get fooled and leave. It’s sad to waste the memories you have shared with each other and all the beautiful things you went through. Love helps us to become better and makes the best as we can. Through love, we are more favorable to make things right and creates a better future. When we are in love we become more inspired to have a better life; we start to dream of huge ideas and how our life would be in the near future. When we are down and been denied by the world, love motivates us to continue fighting against life. There is no guarantee that we could have a happy ending but as long as you have the person always make him/her your priority and make love to her. Love is about giving yourself, about loving the person with their flaws and mistakes. When we are in love, it is easy for us to make our lives better and enjoyable. When we are in love, we are not afraid anymore and can fight back. Even the world is against us we still fight for the sake of love. When you are in a relationship always remember that you have to be honest and keep an open communication for both of you, there is no point in hiding anything. You have to be true always and never create chaos. Having a successful relationship is hard, but it depends on how you want to end your relationship, if you love each other so much, you will always find a way to make it lasts.


I have been in a relationship for nine years, and imagine for nine years, we almost like a married couple, we live together and only lack for the child since we do not plan to it yet. I wish to have a family with him. He is handsome and responsible when I know him. He is quiet and straightforward, you cannot guess what he thinks for the next. He surprises me with his decision and something surprise me when he said, to break with me. I was like, oh-my-god, that was the most painful words I heard so far, especially from him. I do not know where and when to start. I go through a lot of breakdowns and just one day, I woke up tired of my life, crying and blaming myself if where I go wrong. I go to St Albans and look for work. I became a St Albans escort from and grateful for it since I learned to love myself again. I meet new friends, new surroundings and gain back my life.

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